Medical Outreach Sponsor’s Thoughts now becomes Our Recommendation.

I learned some huge life lessons from Mark Dwight, whom I have been friends with for 14years. Mark’s dad, who died in 2009, was rich. He wrote his will about his estate, from which Mark got large inheritance after its administration. After his funeral, instead of dedicating his thoughts to “Bentley and Moet”, Mark shocked all his friends by donating 80% of his savings to Cancer Research UK, so that people who would suffer similar circumstances as his dad might get a reprieve from new findings and breakthroughs in medicines. This happened in 2011 in the UK.

For the past 4years now, I have had a date with grief from the death of loved ones, of which I maintained a dignified silence in my gentle stride to overcome. Although I was overwhelmed, I have risen with Mark’s Example in a different kind of way, with something that I am fascinated about.

On Saturday, September 11, 2021, with the support of Geneith Pharmaceuticals in sponsorship, Ask4Care Healthcare Support carried out a successful medical outreach in Iho-Dimeze community, in Ikeduru Local Government Area. The essence was to arrest some health situations and thereby reduce the high rising mortality rate in that community. The indigenes, mostly women and children, were screened of malaria, hypertension, diabetes etc, and some with serious cases were escalated for further medical attention at no costs whatsoever.

It is true that most rich people spend loads on alcohol and lifestyle at clubs and bars over the weekend, in hundreds of thousands, even millions of naira. A medical outreach to one’s community does not cost the earth. We can decide to become true part of our common humanity. This is one sure way we can raise humanity and thus close the yawning gap on mortality rate and achieve a bit of this thing called, “Profound Peace” on earth.

Political leaders, business men and women and, indeed, people of goodwill are called to service, to take the bull by the horn to salvage a situation. Priests and pastors are called too, but still can help talk to their parishioners for sponsorship. You can even form a group of sponsors. You never call tell what difference it can make. Every little helps! The individual reading this piece can as well have a change of heart and lend a helping hand to help the poor sick. You can contact any health care agency to organize an outreach for a little fee – below “the price of Moet and goat-head pepper soup or point-and-kill fish”. But I recommend Ask4Care for their expertise, due diligence and trained staff for the program. I recommend it so that the value for your sacrifice may worth it indeed.

As you emulate this kind gesture, may Nature guarantee your own health of mind and body.

Anonymous (Sponsor)

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