Who We Are

Ask4Care specializes in Home Caregiving, Medical Missions Staff Recruitment, Training & Placement. We take our business very seriously and therefore when it comes to our process, we ensure that we follow a detailed set of steps through which our objectives and tasks are achieved. Training is a major part of our staffing process,

 and we therefore ensure that each member of our team is repeatedly and routinely trained to keep up with changes within the health sector and their own area of expertise. In addition, every staff undergoes screening, which includes background checks, reference checks, multiple interviews and more because our client satisfaction is paramount to us.

What We Stand For

our Mission

To provide patient-centered healthcare with excellence in quality, service, and access.

our vision

A community in which all people achieve their full potential for health and well-being across their lifespan. We work to be trusted by patients, a valued partner in the community, and creators of positive change.

Our Core Values

Our work is guided by key values

Our Relationship with the People We Serve:

  • The patient always comes first. We are dedicated to patient care.
  • We treat each person with respect and dignity.
  • We are compassionate listeners. We hear the issues of our patients, respect them, and do everything in our power to help.
  • We provide patient-centered service. People who come to the Ask4Care can expect polite, friendly helpful staff members who relate to each person as an individual, recognizing their history, relationships, culture, and needs. We go the extra mile to meet their expectations.
  • We keep ourselves well educated so that we can apply new developments in our fields. We use innovative approaches to healthcare and customer service.
  • The diverse people who come to Ask4Care see themselves reflected in our work. We seek diversity in our staff and value their abilities to enhance communication with patients. We create a clinic physical environment that reflects diversity. We actively engage in multiple cultures in the community.
  • We seek direction from patients and from other contacts using multiple methods.
  • We believe that patients deserve to have timely access to health care and that our systems should reflect this value.